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Private, quiet and easy access office where you are provided

health care by the board certified nurse practitioner.  

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Chronic Care Management

We manage hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol, allergies, thyroid, acne, skin disorders and other diseases.  Do you have obesity and need weight management, weight loss and gain?  Natural Healthy Care can help you plan for the best for your help in a quiet and friendly clinic! 

Laboratory Workups

Do you need laboratory work and diagnostics for your health, vitamin supplements or medications you are taking.  This is where to you receive analysis by national laboratories such as Quest, LabCorpfor your hormone balance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cholesterol and many others.  What to know if you are absorbing the food nutrients?

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Quality, absorbable, pharmaceutical grade supplements direct from the manufacturer.  We have Metagenics, Ortho Molecular, Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, Standard Process, Oxymogen and more.  Pets are special in our house and yours, and we have supplements for them too.   

Natural Healthy Care

Do you want to have more energy, less pain, sleep better, get rid of the brain fog and feel better inside and out.  Natural Healthy Care is the place to come for a new approach, no "band-aid" treatments.  Get to the root source of your issues for your new lifestyle .  If you need a good referral to specialists and do not know how to problem solve or get that referral.  Please come see us.  



Redefine your Health &

Get Back to the Basics. 

Food can be your medicine;   Please contact us vis email:  [email protected]  or text 847-477-3134 for your appointment.    Schedule an appointment with us to meet and help you.  We do take Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO insurances or reasonable CASH clinic for your office visit at 108 So.Wynstone Park Dr., #116, North Barrington, IL 60010  

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Natural Healthy Care

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