Self Care Secrets

By Dr. Debbie Karas, APN-BC, RN

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Why do you need this book?

This book is for adults with the 5 F’s (Female / men too, Fat, Forty, Fatigued & Forgetful) who are frustrated, want to feel and look great, and want to have energy and sleep better. If you are frustrated with not getting answers during your health visits and confused with the crazy health system, then this book is for you. You will learn about the strategies of self care, answers to why “things have been done this way,” and you will learn to make better choices for your personal needs. You will master the small, personal steps and changes needed to help you mentally and physically feel better and happier in 30 days.

 You will discover how to:

 • Be proactive in your personal health care decisions, rather than reactive when you have health care questions.

• Understand your personal options and choices for health care.

• Learn the ways mental and physical health are both important for your well-being.

• Know the importance of quality skin care.• Make educated decisions about supplements.


Is your health care in the toilet? You can feel better!

You can feel better and improve your health.



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